Magical Strings West

Private Lessons

Goals & Focus

The 1st tier of Magical Strings West's approach to developing musical proficiency is weekly private lessons with one of our accomplished instructors, who teach a broad spectum of skills from the fundamentals of music theory to the most advanced violin techniques. Each lesson introduces new skills that build on that which has already been mastered by the student. Beginning violinists are taught the fundamentals of posture, body position, bowing technique, and fingering. As the student progresses, lessons are structured around advancement through the Magical Strings West repertoire and are layered with instruction on music theory, including note reading, musical scales, etc.


Lesson Details

Magical Strings West private lessons are lead by Emily Chiet, the Musical and Executive Director, and by Claudia Bloom. Lesson duration is typically 15 minutes for very young, beginning students, and up to an hour per week for the most advanced musicians. Private lessons are held in Palo Alto.

Lesson Pricing

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