Magical Strings West

Student Mentorship Program

A Win-Win For All!

Magical Strings West provides opportunities for our more experienced musicians to mentor less experienced students within our program through private one-on-one lessons. While Magical Strings West does not manage the logistics of student-mentor lessons, we do approve all mentors, help facilitate matching mentor to student through this website, and we keep track of volunteer hours (if applicable). The Magical Strings West Mentorship Program is only open to Magical Strings West member students.

Find a MSW Mentor

If you would like to recieve extra support beyond your weekly private lessons and group repertoire, than working with a Magical Strings West student mentor is a great way to hone your muscical skills, build your confidence, and have fun will a fellow student. If you are interested in being mentored, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Explore currently available mentors, click here

This page is only viewable by Magical Strings West members.

  1. Inquire about being mentored, click here

  2. Your instructor will provide contact information for the currently available mentors

  3. Contact a mentor to set up lessons