Magical Strings West

A Wonderment of Youth


Our Mission

Magical Strings West is a California non-profit public benefit organization that offers an opportunity for committed young violinists between the ages of 3 and 18 to develop their musical skills within the framework of a high caliber youth performance group.  The children, regardless of their age or their level of proficiency, are encouraged to aspire to, cultivate, and take pride in professionalism in their art. They deveop confidence and leadership skills while providing service to the community. Our dedicated musicians perform locally for their community as well as at nationally and internationally renowned venues. The group performs on its own as well as in collaboration with master teachers and guest artists. 

sabre dance trim.mp3

Magical Strings West performing Sabre Dance (A. Khatchaturian, arr M. McLean).

Our 3-Tiered Approach

Magical Strings West's integrated approach to developing musical proficiency includes three seperate but equally important elements:  1) weekly private instruction; 2) daily at-home practice; and 3) weekly to bi-weekly repertoire rehearsals. While the time requirement for each varies by a student level of proficiency, participation in all three elements is the foundation of Magical Strings West and is mandatory for all students.

Magical Strings West student musicians attend weekly private lessons with one of our accomplished instructors, who teach a broad spectrum of skills from the fundamentals of music theory to the most advanced violin techniques.

2) Daily At-home Practice

Magical Strings West student musicians commit to daily at-home practice, reinforcing what has been taught during weekly private lessons. Daily practice is between 15 minutes for beginners to 1 hour for the most advanced musicians.

Magical Strings West student musicians participate in weekly to biweekly group repertoire rehearsals, building the skills required to play in harmony and master the art of performance.

MSW Website Manager: Paulina Plater